Experienced criminal defense attorneys like Maddox Kilgore and Carlos Rodriguez understand that nobody plans on being accused of a crime... arrested... facing prison... in need of an advocate. But when it happens, real courtroom experience matters.

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Maddox and Carlos grew up in the Marietta/Smyrna community and are honored to call Marietta home for their law firm. They have tried a wide variety of complex criminal defense cases including: murder, child molestation, aggravated assault, aggravated battery, vehicular homicide, hijacking, kidnapping, armed robbery, RICO (racketeering), fraud, forgery, domestic violence, drug trafficking, burglary, and theft.

When battling against a savvy prosecutor at trial, or arguing complicated motions or objections before the trial judge, a lawyer’s best weapon is real courtroom EXPERIENCE. As a former felony prosecutor, Maddox Kilgore understands exactly how the State is preparing to prosecute your case. In both prosecuting and defending dozens of jury trials, Maddox and Carlos have questioned or cross-examined a wide variety of experts and professional witnesses, such as police officers, homicide detectives, medical examiners, chemists, toxicologists, firearms examiners, blood spatter experts, DNA scientists, arson investigators, cell phone experts, medical doctors, bankers, and child abuse experts.

Because the firm is devoted exclusively to defending people charged with crimes, Maddox and Carlos proudly offer their clients a wealth of real courtroom experience and a proven track record of success.