Devoted Exclusively to Criminal Defense

Experienced criminal defense attorneys like Maddox Kilgore and Carlos Rodriguez understand that nobody plans on being accused of a crime... arrested... facing prison... in need of an advocate. But when it happens, real courtroom experience matters.

In their mission to serve Cobb County as the best defense firm their clients, Kilgore & Rodriguez is exclusively devoted to defending people charged with crimes. Their commitment to serving as the elite criminal defense firm in Marietta, GA is why they don’t accept divorces, bankruptcy, or car wreck cases. Maddox and Carlos focus all of their skill, experience, and preparation to offering their clients the best criminal defense in Juvenile court, State court, Superior Court, and the Appellate Courts of Georgia. They are both active members of the Criminal Defense Section of the Cobb County Bar Association, Georgia Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, and National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.


We’re prepared to champion your criminal defense case.


A Winning Track Record

At Kilgore & Rodriguez, the defense team has had jury trials in a wide variety of criminal defense cases including: murder, child molestation, sexual exploitation (or child pornography), aggravated assault, aggravated battery, vehicular homicide, hijacking, kidnapping, armed robbery, RICO (racketeering), DUI, fraud, forgery, domestic violence, drug trafficking, burglary, and theft. Maddox and Carlos proudly offer a wealth of real courtroom experience and an impressive track record of success in trial and on appeal. You can read about some of the Marietta firm’s best criminal defense work by going to the Case Results page.

As a full-service criminal defense firm, Kilgore & Rodriguez handle delinquency and deprivation cases in Juvenile Court; misdemeanor cases such as DUI, family violence battery, and traffic matters in State Court; serious felony offenses in Superior Court; and post-conviction matters such as direct appeals and habeas corpus in the Supreme Court and Court of Appeals of Georgia.


Additional Criminal Defense Practice Areas

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DUI & Alcohol Offenses

Navigating the minefield of complicated and ever-changing DUI law requires the experience and expertise of the best criminal defense attorneys in Cobb County. Kilgore & Rodriguez have successfully defended numerous DUI cases, which have often resulted in reduced charges or complete dismissal of charges.

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Juvenile Defense

We understand that sometimes good kids make bad decisions or exercise poor judgment. Our job in every juvenile case is to ensure that those foolish choices don’t leave any lasting impact on a child’s future.

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Traffic & Driver's License Offenses

We see it day after day - people going to court without a lawyer because “it’s just a ticket.” Or, “I’ll just explain what happened to the Judge.” Without a lawyer, no one is there to advise you of the consequences of simply paying a ticket.

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Theft & Shoplifting

Theft and Shoplifting charges such as burglary, theft by taking / conversion / receiving stolen property, entering auto, carjacking, robbery / armed robbery are often fought and won in the areas of identity and intent. At Kilgore & Rodriguez, we convince prosecutors to dismiss or reduce theft charges, and juries to acquit.


What Our Clients Are Saying


“Mr Kilgore is an excellent attorney. We hired Maddox to represent our son in a felony criminal case and he went above and beyond our expectations in every aspect. He kept us informed and told us the truth the whole way.” — Annette


“I knew after meeting Carlos that he would operate with integrity and give 100%. I hired him the next day and feel very confident with my decision. Carlos is approachable, knowledgeable, and most important--he cares. When we reviewed my sons case, he listened carefully and I could see his wheels turning! He is not about the money--his focus is on changing lives. Watch this young man, he's going to make his mark.”  — Kathy