Core Values


With over 30 years combined experience - we've been there before. Success in the courtroom, cross-examining experts, or arguing before a judge or jury are skills that take lots of practice.


With Kilgore and Rodriguez, you don't just have a lawyer - you have a TEAM. We defend our clients TOGETHER.


We believe that police, prosecutors, and judges should honor your constitutional rights. When we go into the courtroom to make sure they do - we want to know that you've got a champion.


Defending people in crisis is all we do. We don't accept divorces, bankruptcy, or car wreck cases. We focus all of our skill and experience to criminal defense and only criminal defense.


Experience means nothing if your lawyer doesn't care. We understand that your case is the most important case in the world to you and your family. When we step into the courtroom for your son or daughter - we are family.